Netball Qld Information

Netball Australia have advised the new Netball Learning (previously LMS) is now live. So for any coaching or umpiring accreditation or exam related requirements will now be on this system.

For example:

Rules of Netball online exam

Foundation Umpire Education course

Coaching Courses: Foundation, Development, Intermediate, Advanced…


Coaching courses will be dependent on the facilitators availability, and will take some setting up by the new Coach Development Advisor starting next week so participants can register.


  1. The link for this Netball Learning system is and there is a help desk for any assistance.


  1. The Netball Qld website has a new umpire development piece, that is based around the existing Community Umpire Toolkit, but as we await Netball Australia to publish an updated version, NQ have uploaded something else that is user friendly in a PowerPoint format so certain sections can be rearranged to suit the umpire group or what the facilitator is wanting to skip to.
  • Click on this link
  • Then search the Umpire Development Guide 2022
  • This is the participant version, NQ will need to be contacted by umpire convenors or umpire coaches to reply with the facilitators version which includes the answers. 😊
  • Scroll down further in the resources section, there is the Introduction to Umpiring, and Introduction for Umpire Convenors.
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